Embrace Hybrid Cloud – Automate and Optimize the Management of your Data

Moving into the cloud is supposed to free us from many of the limitations of traditional IT, so why use an out-of-date approach like copying all of your data to make it available? Hammerspace intelligently manages your data based on workload data performance, cost, location, and user-defined metadata.  This is all accomplished without changes to your existing storage infrastructure and without compromising the advanced enterprise data services needed to protect your data, such as snapshots and clones.

Key Benefits

Leverage AWS Analytics Services for your On-Premises File Data

Sometimes workloads don’t live permanently in the cloud, but only need to temporarily burst into an elastic environment to take advantage of cloud scale compute or analytics services. With Hammerspace, all your metadata is available everywhere but you only replicate the data you need, not the entire set.  Fully automated, data is managed through rules and policies and continuously optimized with machine learning.

Cost-effectively Run Enterprise Applications in the Cloud

Automatically keep the cost of data under control and deliver optimal performance while workloads run in the cloud.

Take advantage of different storage services, like NFS, SMB, and Object, without changing your application or your environment.  The Hammerspace machine learning engine will make data management decisions based on resource economics, giving you insight and control over the cost of your data estate.

With Hammerspace, easily automate cloud data management with pre-installed templates so that you can quickly start using cloud analytic services, maintain compliance, index and search, create data catalogues, and orchestrate data pipelines.  Metadata management, machine learning, and an active-active geo-spanning namespace are the essential features necessary to free your data from silos and finally make Hybrid IT a reality.

Customers are deploying Hammerspace today, ask us for a demo to see how easy it can be for you to build a seamless hybrid cloud experience.