Smashing the Complexity of Data Management

Data management is getting more complex, not less, with hybrid multi-cloud. Hammerspace removes the complexity of your infrastructure with our Data-as-a-Service platform, making it easy to create value from your data.

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Why Data-as-a-Service

What is Data-as-a-Service?

A hybrid cloud file service is a cloud-native approach to data management, designed to take advantage of the scale and diversity of storage infrastructure so that data can be made instantly available anywhere on the hybrid multi-cloud at the performance, cost, durability, compliance, and security desired.

This data-centric approach to data management puts shared control into the hands of various data stakeholders – business users, IT, compliance & security. To align the competing agendas of these data stake holders, we need a service that spans clouds and data centers, bringing consistency to data management and independence from the infrastructure.

With Hammerspace, data is managed through the metadata instead of through the infrastructure. This approach abstracts the complexities of an ever-changing infrastructure by automating data management and delivering consistent data services everywhere. This cloudification of file data and services is the only way to manage the agility, control, and efficiency of data at scale.

The Hammerspace Platform

Hammerspace data services unify data management across the hybrid cloud, smashing the complexity of silos and making any storage cloud-native.

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Pay as you go, Hammerspace software is available in most cloud marketplaces and on-prem.

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