Fully Automated Data Management for NAS and Object

Adopt intelligent decision-making technology to help Improve both the performance and the economics of the storage infrastructure, while enabling data users to safely self-service their data management.

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Unstructured Data Growth Strategy

Scale your NAS environment with Object storage

Improve Data Center Economics

Overcome Capacity limitations; as NAS capacity increases, performance inevitably degrades. Add an object storage tier to your infrastructure without reconfiguring applications or sacrificing performance

  1. Active-Active Geo-Spanning Namespace
    Virtualize data to present a unified view of data to application workloads across heterogeneous storage resources.
  2. Instant Access – Don’t Copy
    Waiting for data to copy takes too long. Hammerspace is lightweight, fast, and fully automated with machine learning for on-demand live data-instance mobility. Data is available immediately, even if archived on object storage.
  3. Analytics and Reporting
    Intuitive dashboards show the cost of your data across the infrastructure at any moment. Efficiently develop cloud strategies to meet the needs of your data as it grows with predictive infrastructure modeling.

Meet Aggressive Performance SLAs

Data is load-balanced across NAS clusters and object storage, both on-premises and in the cloud. Data is always available to meet workload SLAs and resources are continuously optimized to balance performance and cost.

  1. Machine Learning
    Predict and continuously optimize the cost of your data across the hybrid cloud, measuring application performance telemetry, and storage and network costs.
  2. Live Data-Instance mobility
    Non-disruptively present data to the most efficient service available to balance cost and data performance in real-time.
  3. Metadata-as-a-Service
    Extend metadata with user-defined, programmable tags and keywords that stay consistent across any storage or data service. Populate metadata with identifying compliance tags, which are then governed by the Hammerspace machine learning engine.

Simplify and Automate Data Protection

Data protection and optimization through Hammerspace allows IT to manage NAS storage as just one part of the available infrastructure. As workload requirements change, Hammerspace automatically adapts to ensure data is always adequately protected.

  1. Disaster Recovery
    Hammerspace presents all data everywhere across the Hybrid Cloud, as declared and defined service level objectives protect data. Operate at an RTO approaching ZERO and an RPO approaching ZERO with just a few clicks.
  2. Enterprise Data Services
    Protect data across the hybrid cloud with enterprise data services like global snapshots, transparent recovery, disaster recovery, data replication, and data archives.
  3. Encryption
    All data is encrypted data is encrypted end-to-end using military grade and government approved algorithms.

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