Simplify Persistent Data for Kubernetes

Uncomplicate the management of persistent data for production Kubernetes environments, while adding enterprise data protection services and governance without compromising performance and agility.  With native integration for Kubernetes, Hammerspace orchestrates data like microservices without concern for the cloud or storage infrastructure.

Deliver Data Agility to DevOps and Cloud Architects

Working with persistent data and stateful apps in Kubernetes is straightforward when data is abstracted from the infrastructure with Hammerspace.  Get from test to production faster, without compromising performance or protection.

  1. Uncomplicated Persistent Data:
    Global visibility and on-demand data access across clusters
  2. Data Protection and Governance:
    Snapshots, DR, metadata tagging, and policy-driven automation
  3. Make Any Storage Cloud-Native:
    Deliver unified Block and File access through a global namespace using native Kubernetes functions through the Hammerspace Container Storage Interface (CSI) plug-in

Multi-cluster, Multi-cloud Persistent Volumes

With Hammerspace, common persistent Kubernetes workloads can natively deploy and scale across existing mixed-vendor NAS, object, and cloud storage infrastructure. Databases, like MySQL and MongoDB, can instantly access persistent data from any cluster across the hybrid multi-cloud through storage classes.

DevTest: Burst-to-Cloud

Developers can burst-to-cloud for test and development while safely using data from production workloads.

  1. Multi-cluster Data Management
    Manage data across multiple clusters as easily as a single-cluster.  With Hammerspace, data is abstracted from the infrastructure and available at file-level granularity to any container running in any cluster, in any cloud.
  2. Copy-Free Workflows
    Deliver copy-free access using data-in-place assimilation, through metadata management in the hybrid multi-cloud.   Data is made accessible across sites by policy or on-demand data transfers.
  3. Automated Data Pipeline Orchestration
    Data can be orchestrated through data-scrubbing workflows using enriched metadata to automate the staging of production data in DevTest environments..
  4. Data Air-Gap

Exported collections of data, as defined by their extensible metadata tags, can be protected by network isolation to allow developers to safely and quickly run tests with production data.

Enterprise Data Services for Persistent Data

Managing and scaling stateful workloads into production with Kubernetes is no walk in the park.  Persistent data needs to be protected and well managed.  Hammerspace let’s users use any storage while providing global enterprise data services that span clouds and clusters.

  1. Disaster Recovery
    Hammerspace presents all data everywhere across the hybrid multi-cloud, as defined service level objectives protect data. Operate at an RTO and RPO approaching ZERO with just a few clicks..
  2. Data protection
    Protect data across the hybrid cloud with enterprise data services like global snapshots, transparent recovery, disaster recovery, data replication, and data archives.
  3. Tier Snapshot Backups: Snapshot to S3
    Backups can be managed with scheduled snapshots and pushed into object storage.
  4. Metadata Reporting
    Generate custom reports and collections based on enriched extensible metadata from anywhere in the namespace

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