As more stateful workloads are orchestrated by Kubernetes, the associated persistent data must be properly managed for accessibility, performance, protection, and compliance. Kubernetes is intended to be infrastructure agnostic, yet developers struggle with these requirements as they try to orchestrate app data through the infrastructure. The IT industry has responded with purpose-built storage solutions for containers; compromising data agility by forcing developers to navigate storage infrastructure; dragging legacy IT problems along with them:

  • Compute is distributed but data is siloed, limiting the accessibility of data and elasticity of resources

  • File data is difficult to manage in K8s using legacy storage technology, requiring pre-configuration, IT¬†intervention, and endless copies

  • Performance, reliability, and manageability suffer at scale, as data must be replicated along with the compute


Hammerspace hybrid cloud storage makes infrastructure agnostic and app data portable, simplifying the separation of storage from compute. Built for hybrid cloud, Hammerspace is a global file system that disaggregates metadata from data, enabling fully automated and declarative data orchestration for Kubernetes. Using standard protocols, Hammerspace manages data at file-level granularity so that any storage system or service can natively serve data to persistent volumes, while eliminating the burden of replication.

  • Remove the friction of file data with self-service management, avoiding configuration headaches and IT intervention

  • Use existing storage with ubiquitous enterprise data services that are defined by metadata not hardware

  • Deliver high-performance at scale, by eliminating the data gravity that comes along with legacy storage technologies

  • Orchestrate data with extreme agility, needs are determined in real time by apps while data placement and protection are autonomically managed at file-granularity and without disruption

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