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Hammerspace Introduces Data Agility to Hybrid Cloud Analytics and Applications

Software startup delivers Data-as-a-Service across the hybrid cloud

Los Altos, Calif. – Oct 16th, 2018 – Hammerspace, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) company, delivering unstructured data across the hybrid cloud, today announced the general availability of its product – Hammerspace. This product allows enterprises to make data ubiquitous and universally accessible across existing infrastructure, containers, and clouds.

Data agility is the key to digital transformation. Enterprises race to harness the power of data-driven decision making to improve the customer experience, create new revenue streams, and enhance innovation. Progress stalls as they struggle to remove barriers to data usage even as data grows at rates unmanageable with current products available. Users must be able to use their preferred analytics and applications to consume their data-as-a-service securely and on-demand in any cloud or data center, entirely abstracted from the infrastructure.

“Application owners, data scientists, and data engineers want to be freed from the time-consuming rigidity of managing data sprawl across storage silos,” said David Flynn, Hammerspace CEO. “The top reason analytics jobs fail is that they take too long. When a business can quickly gain visibility and access to quality data, it minimizes the delay between questions and answers, accelerating data-centric decision making. Hammerspace gives users the freedom to run their jobs anywhere without time-consuming data discovery, copying, and preparation.”

Analysts agree that up until now, data accessibility across the hybrid cloud has been problematic.

“As enterprises undergo a digital transformation data becomes an increasingly strategic resource; and going forward many companies determine success by how effectively they leverage their data assets to drive better-informed business decisions,” said Eric Burgener, research vice president, Infrastructure Systems, Platforms and Technologies, IDC. “Hammerspace uses technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and metadata-intensive indexing in a software-based solution to drive a new level of data agility in hybrid cloud environments, helping data users traverse the data pipeline and get to useful insights that create better business outcomes more quickly.”

Already, companies are taking notice.

“Customers deploying Hammerspace today take advantage of unprecedented data agility to deliver mission-critical business insights,” said Mark Glasgow, VP Worldwide Sales, Hammerspace. “As a result, we are experiencing exciting customer traction in industry verticals such as oil & gas, media & entertainment, genomics, life sciences, managed service providers, and semiconductors.”

A workspace for data, free from the lock-in of storage silos, Hammerspace is a storage and protocol agnostic hybrid cloud data control plane, abstracting data from the infrastructure for self-service hybrid cloud data management, driven by machine learning and metadata management to deliver Data-as-a-Service. Gain data agility to run more jobs faster with Hammerspace.

About Hammerspace
Hammerspace is a software-as-a-service company delivering unstructured data across the hybrid cloud. Hammerspace is a hybrid cloud data control plane where data exists abstracted from storage and is available to any service, in any cloud or data center. By automating the management of data with metadata-driven machine learning, Hammerspace makes it easy to run more jobs faster. To learn more, visit us at

Run Cloud Analytics Using On-Premises Data

Enterprises everywhere are going through a digital transformation, leveraging IT technologies across all aspects of their business to improve their competitive agility. As a result, data is growing at an explosive rate as enterprises move from a process-defined world to a data-defined world. Data engineers and data scientists support their lines-of-business to make better decisions faster with cloud-based analytics and data services. The number one reason analytics jobs fail is that they took too long to run, and often the most time-consuming stage is finding quality data and staging it for the job.

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Data Management for NAS and Object

Enterprises everywhere digitally transforming to enable data-driven decision making. They soon discover that the key to successful transformation is data agility – how fast a business can move from questions to answers.

To adapt, IT must adopt intelligent decision-making technology to help improve both the performance and the economics of the storage infrastructure, while enabling data users to safely self-service their data management.

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Hammerspace in AWS

Hammerspace is a data platform designed for unstructured data, providing a suite of features and technologies to efficiently, reliably and intelligently get work done across clouds and data centers. We provide the universal workspace for files and objects – the Hammerspace.

Hammerspace accelerates the value generated from data by virtualizing and abstracting data from the infrastructure. Hammerspace intelligently connects data to the hybrid cloud, unifying data stored across multiple silos to consume Data-as-a-Service.

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Application Data Across the Hybrid Cloud

Enterprises everywhere are going through a digital transformation, leveraging IT technologies across all aspects of their business to improve their competitive agility. As a result, data is growing at an explosive rate as enterprises move from a process-defined world to a data-defined world, driving the adoption of new technologies like cloud infrastructure, containerized application clusters, and high levels of automation to remain competitive.

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