Hammerspace is storageless data, achieving the promise of Kubernetes to enable workload portability across any environment.

Overcome the siloed nature of the hybrid cloud using technology that makes complicated enterprise storage obsolete. Hammerspace is a global file system, stretching across any storage or service to orchestrate data at scale. This makes app data portable, protected, and high performance – what Kubernetes does for containers, Hammerspace does for data.

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A very clever solution to a very long-standing and major problem.”

Dave McCrory

“Hammerspace uses technologies like artificial intelligence, and metadata intensive indexing in a software based solution to drive a new level of data agility in hybrid cloud environments….

Eric Burgener, VP Infrastructure Systems, IDC

“Hammerspace improved our ability to recover data 150X faster and reduce the cost of DR data by 93%.

Donato J. Cuttone, CE

Data Silos Are Dead.

Finally, untether your data from storage. Leveraging any storage,
Hammerspace smashes the data gravity cliche through:

MetaData Disaggregation 

  • Wherever your apps go your data is there​
  • Independent control and data planes ​
  • Global file system that spans multiple data centers and clouds​

Data Orchestration

  • Fully automated services​
  • Declarative autonomic data management​
  • File level granularity​ operations

Enterprise-Class Data Services Tied to Data​

  • Snapshots, clones, replication, undelete, WORM, archiving, global dedupe and compression​
  • Operations move to massive scale while maintaining high performance​

What Could You do if You Didn’t Have to Think
About the Infrastructure?

  • Global file share service​
  • Core, cloud, and edge workflows​
  • Storage infrastructure  consolidation
  • Automate burst-to-cloud for elastic compute​
  • Instant cloud migration​
  • Improve overall storage TCO​
  • Instant, live failover to cloud​
  • Broad Ransomware protection​
  • Storage target for backup data
  • DevTest to production workflows​
  • App and database mobility​
  • Data protection and disaster recovery​ Learn More »

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